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When and where to watch EA Play on June 18th

Today, June 18, 2020, EA will stream its Livestream event, EA Play. But what should you expect it? When and where can you watch the event? Not to worry, we’ve got you covered and have provided the answers to your questions and more. 

Where to watch EA Play

EA wants everyone to check out this year’s Livestream and has made sure that everyone will be able to watch on thier favorite platforms. According to EA, the show will run for 1 hour but don’t be surprised if it goes over that. 

You can also watch the event with us at 3:55 PM PT / 6:55 PM ET, over at our YouTube Channel.

What time does EA Play start

  • June 18 at 4 PM PT
  • June 18 at 5 PM MT
  • June 18 at 7 PM ET
  • June 18 at 9 AM AEST

What can you expect to see during EA Play 2020?

Star Wars Squadron: We already got the announcement of the new Star Wars Squadron, an upcoming dogfighting game from EA and Motive Studios. While we did get a trailer, we didn’t get any gameplay, something of which we hope we’ll see during the EA Play stream.

The Sims: Every year, EA Play drops something new for The Sims, and we’re expecting to see more of the same this year. We haven’t heard of any big news regarding the series this year and that’s likely due to EA wanting to save any big news for this Livestream.

Mass Effect Remasters: While there’s no official confirmation, EA was keen on mentioning that they were looking into remastering several older titles. Mass Effect is one of those series that we’d like to see remastered, among others. Though, given the state of Bioware, Anthem, and everything else on the developer’s plate, this is up in the air.

Dead Space Remasters: Speaking on remasters, if there’s one series that I’d love for EA to revisit, it would be Dead Space. I know this is a stretch and more than likely won’t happen, but one can dream. 

Apex Legends: While EA’s and Respawn’s Battle Royale title has lost some steam, you better believe that there’s going to be something announced. Maybe news on a new season, a new character, or even new modes. Maybe even confirmation the next-gen versions for the PS5 and Xbox Series X. When it comes to Apex Legends, anything is possible.

EA Sports: Expect NEW information on Madden NFL 21, FIFA 21, and whatever else is coming. 

Battlefield 6: We already know that Battlefield 6 is already in development and will be based in modern times. But that’s it, so expect to hear plenty about it during EA Play.

Need For Speed: it was just last week that Criterion announced that the studio is already working on the next Need for Speed title. While it may be too early to show anything, we’ll hear about it during the show. 

I’m sure we covered the basics, but then again EA could surprise us with another announcement or two. Though I’m pulling for that Dead Space remaster. What about you? What are you looking forward to during EA Play? Let us know in the comments!