Enjoy ‘The Last of Us’ Podcast Before Part 2 Releases

In just ten days from now, The Last of Us Part II will release for the PlayStation 4. It’s been a long wait, fraught with delays and leaks due to the Coronavirus and the resulting circumstances. But on the heels of last month’s State of Play, it looks like there’s one more piece of The Last of Us content to enjoy before the long-awaited sequel comes out. Sony has launched “The Official The Last of Us Podcast.” Episode one released today and you can listen to it on the PlayStation Blog

Hosted by comedian Christian Spicer, the eight week limited podcast series will interview various people involved with the creation of the game series. The first episode involves discussion of the opening of The Last of Us with director Neil Druckman, combat designer Anthony Newman, and voice artists Ashley Johnson and Troy Baker. 

It seems the first few episodes will focus on the original game The Last of Us, while the second half of episodes will dive into The Last of Us Part II. That should be enough time for people to play through it, assuming it doesn’t get delayed again. Okay, I’m knocking on wood for that anyways, but at this point it looks like the game will release on schedule. 

Listeners can check out the full podcast right here, and new episodes will release each Tuesday.