DBX, Pokemon, Death Battle

DBX Brings Epic Clash Of Pokemon

Death Battle as a show has gone above and beyond the call to try and answer some of the great “Vs” questions of history. But then, they wanted to have a little more fun and do a show with “No Rules, No Research, Only Bloodshed”, and thus they made DBX. The matches are somewhat random, and the victor is chosen by a fan poll, but sometimes, the action that they provide is better than actual Death Battles. Such is the case with their newest episode, a true Pokemon clash.

The episode starts out with a much-contested (and fan-beloved) match between Lucario and Blaziken. But that’s only the beginning, more Pokemon enter the fray and what’s shown is an epic battle that rivals even the Pokemon anime (and other 3D Death Battles in general). You’ll be amazed by the fight choreography and the music, and there’s even a story that ties it all together!

Whether you’ve been with DBX since the beginning, or just hearing about it now, you NEED to watch this episode!