Street Fighter V CE Dev Update May 2020

Street Fighter V Champion Edition to receive one final season pass

Get ready for the final round

Capcom announced that they had some big news for Street Fighter V: Champion Edition, which I’m not really sure if I’d call it big news. But it is news, none the less.

As Capcom continues their streak of adding more content to Street Fighter V, they’ve announced another season pass,. To which they are claiming to be the last for their flagship fighter. This new season pass will add five more characters to the roster and three new stages. Hopefully, this means that some of the Street Fighter favorites such as Sean, Makato, and Rose, finally get added.

In addition to the season pass announcement, Capcom is also holding a contest that’s open to anyone to design your own Street Fighter V costume. From now and until July 21st, 2020, you can submit your own unique design to be included in Street Fighter V Champion Edition. Two winners will be selected, so as you can imagine the competition is going to be fierce punch! Head over to the official Street Fighter website for more info. I’d like to give it a try, but I don’t have an artistic bone in my body, so good luck to you all!

Ultimately, if you were hoping that Capcom as going to finally announce Street Fighter VI, I hate to be the one to drop a frown on your face. C’mon, this is Capcom and they love milking the Street Fighter series for as long as possible. At least they were upfront about this season pass being the last for the game. Now we’ll have to start wondering if the company is already working on the next game and if so, will it end up being another console-exclusive title. 

Street Fighter V Champion Edition is available for PS4, and PC (Steam). While you’re here, be sure to check out our review of the game.