New Trailer for Christopher Nolan Film ‘Tenet’ Arrives in Fortnite

Ah, Fortnite, once merely a massively popular online game, and now… the ideal location for streaming film trailers? It appears so, especially after the game hosted key plot points for the release of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker last year. Now, veteran filmmaker Christopher Nolan has opted to use the online game to debut the latest trailer for his film Tenet. This makes sense, as most movie theaters are closed and therefore can’t provide the debut of a trailer for a major film. The Tenet trailer arrived on Fortnite on Thursday, but you can also check it out right here.

This isn’t the first trailer to debut for Tenet, but it does shed a little more light on what the enigmatic time travel film is about. Starring John David Washington as a secret agent who gets the power to reverse certain aspects of time, he’s sent out on a mission to prevent World War III. Christopher Nolan has directed a variety of action films from Dunkirk to The Dark Knight, but the espionage and time-bending elements hit that this one may be more akin to Inception. The movie also stars Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki, and of course, Christopher Nolan favorite, Michael Caine. 

Even though the trailer debuted on Fortnite, it specifically says that Tenet will arrive in theaters. When exactly? Originally scheduled for a July 17 release, that will no longer happen due to COVID-19. Now, only time will tell.