Inside Xbox changes to Xbox 20/20, first look at Xbox Series X start screen

This morning is certainly full of Xbox Series X news, that’s for sure and it doesn’t look like it’s stopping at all. Just a few minutes ago, Xbox dropped more news about the upcoming Inside Xbox Livestream and gave us a look at the Xbox Series X start screen.

First up, Inside Xbox will now be called “Xbox 20/20”, as the company focuses on the launch of the next-generation console, Project Cloud, and Xbox related services. With the May 7th show being the first of many. This show will focus on the 3rd party offering for the Xbox Series, and quite possibly a bit more. Be sure to watch it this Thursday at 8 AM PT / 11 AM ET, on YouTube, Mixer, Twitch, Twitter, and Facebook. For those who love watching 4K content, the YouTube stream will be the only one broadcast at the resolution.

They’ve also released a short clip of what many believe to be the first look at the Xbox Series X boot-up screen. It sounds almost zen-like. The Xbox 360 and Xbox One start screens were bolder, louder, while the Xbox Series X is calm. Give it a listen below.

Of course, that’s not all as the company has reaffirmed several points for this year. Not only are they committed to releasing Halo Infinite this year, but they have double down on its PC support. All first-party Xbox Studio titles, including Halo Infinite, Wasteland 3, Minecraft Dungeons, and more will be released on PC the same day as Xbox One consoles. More titles are being added to Xbox Game Pass as well.

There’s a lot more in the pipeline as Xbox ramps up the excitement, so be sure to check it all out at