Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan Switches Studios for Final Season

In a surprise to some, it was announced via the official Attack on Titan website that the final season for the television anime adaptation will be produced by MAPPA. Until now, the anime had been produced by WIT Studio. Right away, fans could see a different art style (albeit not too much different but noticeable nevertheless) as well as a different style of animation. While switching studios can be a bit jarring for continuity’s sake, it looks as if MAPPA is doing a pretty faithful job in keeping the series as close to the previous seasons as possible.

This is evident in a pretty lengthy promotional trailer that was released by MAPPA which you can check out below:

It is still unknown as to when the final season of Attack on Titan will air for sure. Some are stating that the anime is slated for Fall 2020; however, some sites, such as MyAnimeList have either not updated nor received concrete confirmation that Fall airing is still happening for sure. Of course, this is all due to the #1 ranked anime villain COVID-19.