Resident Evil 3 - Solving the Gem Puzzle-01

Solving the Clock Tower Gem Puzzle – Resident Evil 3 Remake

Scattered across Resident Evil 3 Remake are three gems that you’ll find inside of lockboxes; Red, Blue, and Green. Each of these gems can be used to acquire several helpful items in the game and more. 

Where to Find the Gems

The Red Gem is the easiest to find as it is inside of the first safe room outside of the Subway and inside of the diner. It will be on the right-hand side of the room once you enter it.

The Blue Gem is inside of the chained door which you’ll encounter as soon as you emerge from the Subway. You’ll need the chain bolt cutter to get to this.

The Green Gem is located inside of the locked Toy Store. You’ll need the lock pick to access this.

Solving the Clock Tower Gem Puzzle

Resident Evil 3 - Solving the Gem Puzzle-01

When you finally find one or all of the gems, you’ll need to return back to the section of the game where Jill leaves from the subway car. Near the game that Jill passes under is a Clock Tower, with three colored slots in the commemoration plate. 

Inserting the gems that you find will unlock several items and an upgrade.

  • Red Gem = Hip Pouch upgrade
  • Blue Gem = Hand Grenade
  • Green Gem = Tactical Stock for the Shotgun

Once you insert all of the gems, you’ll also unlock an achievement called “Power Stones”.

Which also happens to be a call back to one of Capcom’s titles, called Power Stone. A game that pitted several characters against each other to acquire these power stones and gain special powers when doing so. It was a fun game that went on to receive a sequel called Power Stone 2.

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