New Crysis Title Possibly Teased

A recent tweet from the official Crysis twitter account is possibly hinting at a new game. Or could this be a reemergence of a Crysis Remaster that was making the rounds towards the end of 2019?

It’s a simple message, but it’s the first tweet from that account in over three years. What’s also important to note is that a new Crysis game was “teased” by the official website as an alleged April Fool’s Joke. 

It’s only a video of a character tied up in a room with a blinking light. The HTML source code contains the keywords, “Crysis”, “FPS”, “Crytek”, “Video game”, “April Fool”, and “launch”-with the video file just being named “vid.mp4”. 

A tech trailer for Cryengine 5.6 which released last year, also features environments that look like they’re from the first Crysis game. This could mean a remake of the original.

I’d be down for either scenario. A remake of the first game would reignite interest in the series and provide a more accessible entry point, especially for new fans and console players. On the other hand, it’d be exciting to see the future of the franchise and the story that’s been crafted. 

Crysis is a fantastic open-ended FPS series that utilizes tactics and cutting edge technology; both in-game and on your system of choice. the most recent game in the series was Crysis 3, which released in 2o13. Since then the developer Crytek has been hard at work- releasing various games such as Ryse: Son of Rome, Hunt: Showdown, and Warface. They’ve also recently made Cryengine compatible with mobile devices

I suppose for now we’ll file this under “Speculation” and “Rumor” until CryTek decides to talk about what can only be an ambitious project. Then and only then can the “Can your PC run Crysis” meme be brought back to life.