Goro vs Machamp

Goro Vs Machamp Arrives Via Death Battle

Death Battle is an internet show that for years has strived to not just be entertaining, but to answer some of the biggest nerd and geek questions ever when it comes to VS Matchups. And now, in Season 7, they dare to go bolder than ever before by asking a question many have dared to ponder…who would win in a fight between Goro from Mortal Kombat, and Machamp from Pokemon? Yep, Goro Vs Machamp is here, and it’s awesome!

For those who don’t know the finer things about Death Battle. The show doesn’t just debate who would win like other shows, they research the honest to goodness feats of the characters in the battle and use real-world science and math to determine their limits and ability powers. It’s then punctuated by an incredible 2D or 3D battle that highlights who their research states will win.

An epic 3D battle is what awaits you in Goro Vs Machamp, so click the video below and watch it! And yes, in case you’re curious, they did indeed hire a voice actor to say “Machamp” over and over again.