Cable vs Booster Gold

Cable vs Booster Gold Arrives On Death Battle

It’s time for a Death Battle!!!!!! Episode 6 of the 7th season of the beloved internet show has arrived, and they’ve brought a time-traveling epic for you to enjoy. As the “Future Savior” of the X-Men, Cable, battles “The Greatest Hero You Never Heard Of”, Booster Gold of DC Comics.

Before you make a judgment on who you might think wins, you better remember that these are characters born and raised in comics. Their histories are large, as are their powers, and each side has abilities that might surprise you in their gravity and intensity.

You can watch the battle below, and be sure to wait until the end of the video so you can see the epic fight that is coming up in two weeks! And if you didn’t see their epic last match, check out Goro vs Machamp!