Next Smash Fighter Will Be From ARMS And Will Be Coming In June

In the Nintendo Mini Direct, we finally have news of who is going to be the next fighter in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. The fighter will be coming from ARMS.

Unfortunately, the development will have to be extended for this character. But again news and who it will be revealed in June. This is curious as we already have a Spring Man assist trophy and a Ribbon Girl Mii costume. I do wonder who this character will be. We could have another villain boss character like Dr. Coyle. Min-Min, Ninjara, and Twintelle are fan favorites. I can only wonder as well how they would function in Smash.

I assume the final smash would be the special used in the original game. So likely similar to Donkey King or Little Mac. Regardless, the original game is very fun and one of Nintendo’s newest original IPs. Do check our review of the game as we called it knockout, though it has untapped potential.

Smash Bros Ultimate and Arms are available currently on  Nintendo Switch. Super Smash Bros Ultimate Arms