Desting 2 - Farming Guides - Season of the Worthy

Locations to farm powerful Scorn for Destiny 2’s Rasputin bounties

Destiny 2’s Season of the Worthy is here and with it comes new bounties that Guardians will need to repeat to gain access to some powerful gear. This time we’re helping the Warmind Rasputin rebuild himself and to do that, there are several bounties you’ll be working on. This guide is for those who want to knock out the quests dealing with powerful Scorn.

One of the many Rasputin bounties found in Destiny 2 will task you with defeating powerful Scorn enemies. This quest will vary on which weapon you’ll need to use, but it will always require you to defeat the game enemies. Thankfully, you can find an abundance of powerful Scorn in one of the two areas listed below.

Option 1 – Dreaming City Blind Well

While The Dreaming City is part of the older Destiny 2 content, there’s still plenty of places worth checking out. For this particular quest, heading over to the Blind Well activity will allow you to farm lots of powerful Scorn in no time. All you have to do is head over to The Dreaming City and make your way over to the Blind Well. Once there, you’ll need to start it up and soon enough you’ll be knee-deep in Scorn. Of which will be plenty of powerful ones as well. 

Seeing how everyone is currently working on these activities, that location has become quite popular and will more people around the task will be much easier.

Destiny 2 guide - farming powerful skorn

Option 2 – Tangled Shore Hollowed Lair Strike

Another good location to farm powerful Scorn is Tangled Shore’s Hollowed Lair Strike. This 3-man event will have you blasting through scores of Scorn and you’ll have enough once you’ve played through this. The downside is that you’ll be paired with two other Guardians and you’ll have to complete the event. Sadly, many people are just joining to get the farming part due and then leaving, while letting the rest of the squad to continue onward. 

Destiny 2 guide - farming powerful scorn

Following either of these two methods will help you score powerful Scorn kills in no time.

Be sure to stop back for more of our Destiny 2 gaming guides, including how to complete the rest of The Season of the Worthy’s rep bounties.