While the drought for Nintendo Directs continues on, there is some good news for Nintendo Switch owners out there, Animal Crossing New Horizons is here, and it’s clear that the game is a major hit. We already noted a few days ago that the UK sales for the game are LEAGUES above previous entries, and now, we can confirm that Japan is having a heyday with them as well.

According to new reports, in just three days in Japan, Animal Crossing New Horizons sold 1.88 million units. And given that 3 days have passed since that point, it’s more than likely that they are over 2 million sold at this point. This makes New Horizons the fastest-selling Switch game ever, beating out the two previous record holders in Pokemon Sword and Shield and Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

Oh, and like most sales with Nintendo, this is only PHYSICAL game sales, digital sales for sure push it over 2 million no doubt.


Piling on the news from the Japanese region, with the arrival of New Horizons comes a major surge in Switch sales, which were up 585% from the previous week, and now all-time totals for Switch sales in Japan is over 13 million.

Though we don’t know the sales numbers for the UK and the US regions, it’s more than likely that Animal Crossing has pretty close to, if not over 5 million in sales during its launch week. This is based on past Switch sales across the region, and the fact that this is the biggest Switch game of the year so far.

No to mention with the CoronaVirus epidemic keeping people inside, people need something to play, and Animal Crossing is a title known for people dedicating hours and hours into it.

So all told, it seems that the Switch has another mega-hit on its hands.


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