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Animal Crossing New Horizons Doing Very Well In UK

It may have taken a little while longer to get here, but Animal Crossing New Horizons has finally arrived on Nintendo Switch, and as the internet is more than happy to note (both in reviews and fan response) the game is really good. As well as the perfect game to counter what is going on in the world today.

While it will be a little while before we have definitive sales numbers for the title, we do have some teases as to how well it’s doing. In the UK, it’s been reported that the games’ launch has done 3.5 times BETTER than Animal Crossing New Leaf. What’s more, the launch of the game was better selling than ALL the other Animal Crossing games COMBINED. This means that New Horizons is clearly doing well in the UK.

This is important for numerous reasons. Not the least of which is that this is truly the first major launch of a title on Nintendo Switch this year, and adding to that, as of December 2019, Animal Crossing New Leaf (the previous main entry in the franchise on the 3DS) had sold over 12 million copies. 

Given the popularity of the Switch, and the franchise as a whole, Nintendo is no doubt hoping that this will surpass that in quick order. And if the US and Japanese sales match what the UK is doing? It might just.