Rainbow Six Unveils Operation Void Edge

Ubisoft has revealed the newest operators for the next season of their on-going model for Rainbow Six Siege.

These two will be the first to be added to the games season yearly pass (this marking the games the fifth year of this model), with one new character for the attacking team and one new character for the defending team. Alongside a new reworked map of “Oregon”.

The first added character is Iana, an attacker that specializes in gathering intel and disorienting defenders.

Iana’s ability allows her to deploy a roaming hologram of herself that can be used to scout out enemy objectives or confuse them as to where Iana’s position actually is. It looks, feels and acts exactly like another player with the main difference being that it can’t fire its guns (due to just being a hologram) and will disappear after being shot once.

The defender, on the other hand, is a large beast-like man that uses his physical prowess to his advantage.

The defender is called Oryx, who can activate a short sprint burst that allows him to knock down enemies and breakthrough walls (with a small cost to his health). Allowing him to knock down shield characters and rearrange the map. An ability likely born out of the current strength seen in certain shield characters.

He also comes with a passive ability that will allow him to move vertically through sieges many destructible hatches. Leaving him with the possibility to go upwards as well as dropping down.

The full details of the pass are yet to be revealed, but will likely get their limelight during the pro-tournament tomorrow.

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