Project xCloud is now available for iOS devices, limited to 10,000 testers

Ever since Xbox announced that they were starting the public trials for its cloud gaming service, Project xCloud, it was only available for Android device owners. Which left the owners of Apple iOS devices on the outside looking into. Well, that all changes today as the Project xCloud is now available iOS devices.

That said, there are a few devices between the Android and iOS versions. For starters, the Xbox Console streaming option isn’t available as of yet.  There’s only one game available, that being Halo: The Master Chief Collection. There are only slots for 10,000 users and even if you happen to be selected, you may not able to partake in the offering for the entire duration. Mainly due to availability and that Xbox wants to ensure they have the proper testing audience.

If that sounds fine, then make sure you head over to the iOS Project xCloud registration page, here. Or if you are an existing Android Project xCloud tester and want to check it out for iOS, here. Maybe I should take a look.  While I don’t own an iPhone or iPad, but the rest of my family sure does. I’m sure they won’t mind me hijacking their devices in the name of gaming.

To get all of the requirements and details for the iOS public trial, follow this link.

As for Project xCloud, I can only speak on my time with the service with my Samsung Note 9. So far, after several months of playing with the public trial, I’ve found it be a nice alternative to playing my Xbox One games. There are times where the latency does make some games unplayable, but for the most part, it’s been good. There’s a huge selection of games to try, some that work better than others and there there’s the ability to stream games from my Xbox One X. All in all, I’ve been impressed with what Microsoft and Xbox have cooked up.

If you haven’t given it a trial, I suggest you do so. That way you and see how it performs for yourself instead of listening to me ;)