Torchlight Frontiers is now Torchlight III, Coming to Steam in 2020

Seeya Torchlight Frontiers, hello Torchlight III!

Creator of the Torchlight series, Max Schaefer, has stated that the name change was thanks to the feedback provided from the alpha testers (such as myself).  In addition to this, he also stated that the model of the game is also changing. Torchlight III‘s model has changed and has adopted a premium mode and all the content will be available from day one. Which makes more sense, especially since the first games followed this traditional model.

The game is also heading to a different location that’s to that last change, and moving from Arc and will be sold on Steam. I’m sure that bit of news will make more than a few people happy, as that’s one less launcher to install.


Lastly, Max let it slip that the game will be releasing for PC sometime during 2020. No mention on if/when it will be available for consoles. Outside of that, a new FAQ was released with more information. Including the change to the previous “online-only” requirement, which has now been dropped.

All in all, I’m happy to see the changes to the game. Torchlight III has been received well by the community and everything that I’ve seen so far has been positive. Speaking of which, if you’ve missed the most recent development developer stream, check it out below.

Keep an eye on Torchlight III, especially if you’re starved for a worthwhile ARPG to play.



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