The 450 Wrestling Podcast – Episode 26 – The Hardest Part Of The Podcast

It’s time for the 450 Wrestling Podcast, and it’s the first one of the new decade and year! But did 2020 start off in a great way in the world of wrestling? Or was it more of the same?

First up, the guys talk Raw and Smackdown, and they break down what might just be the worst wrestling segment in recent history! And that’s saying something!!! But what did the guys think about the Lashley/Lana segment? Was it REALLY that bad…? (hint: yes, yes it was). Also, on Smackdown, the matches weren’t the main thing to talk about, as three major returns happened on the show! But were they worth it? Did they improve Smackdown as a whole? Find out here!

Next, the guys quickly talk the NXT recap fo the year, and break down the upcoming Dusty Rhodes Classic and whether it actually needs to happen.


As the guy go to AEW, they reveal in the return of the brand and the good matches that came with it. But what ones stand out from the pack? Find out here!

Finally, the guys talk ratings, tease their upcoming review of Wrestle Kingdom 14, Impact issues, and more!

So come into the ring and get in on the action in the 450 Wrestling Podcast!

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