Several Resident Evil Ambassador program testing events taking place soon

Following the rumor of Capcom working on Resident Evil 8, the company has announced its plans for an upcoming Resident Evil event that will be held in multiple locations.

This event will take place in Japan on Feb. 29th and March 1st, Los Angeles on March 8th and 9th, New York on March 12th and 13th, and Frankfurt, Germany on March 20th and 21st.

Resident Evil Ambassador Test Application Form


To be eligible, you’ll need to be a member of the Resident Evil Ambassador program. If you aren’t one already, it’s not too late to sign up here. It’s also a free event, you’ll just need to have transportation to the event.

You can see the email in its entirety below.

Hi Resident Evil Ambassadors,
Thank you as always for your continued support of the Resident Evil franchise!

How is your winter so far? It’s been very cold in Japan.
I hope you’re staying nice and warm. Please take care of yourselves.

Today’s special message is about a playtest for which we are recruiting testers!

We take feedback from our Ambassadors very seriously as we continue to develop our games, so if you’re interested in contributing to development in this way, please read the following event details and apply!

[Requirements] 1) You must be registered in the Resident Evil Ambassador Program.
2) You must be over 18.

[Location] Japan: Tokyo
US: Los Angeles, California
US: New York City, New York
Germany: Frankfurt

[Schedule] (timetable TBD)
Saturday, Feb. 29 or Sunday, Mar. 1
Los Angeles:
Sunday, Mar. 8 or Monday, Mar. 9
New York:
Thursday, Mar. 12 or Friday, Mar. 13
Friday, Mar. 20 or Saturday, Mar. 21

As for what game it could possibly be, is anyone’s guess. It could be a hands-on session for Resident Evil 3 Remake, as is doesn’t get released until April 2020. Which is after this event. Or it could be for a completely different Resident Evil game, such as Resident Evil 8 or possibly something else.

I guess we’ll find out once the event takes place, and assuming we get picked to attend the event, we’ll be able to tell you more about which ever game it is.


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