Rumor: Resident Evil 8 To Stay First Person

With the advent of the Resident Evil remakes, most considered the style of Resident Evil 7 to be a forgotten black sheep of the series. However, we finally have some news to imply that we’ll finally be seeing a continuation of that storyline.

In some recent leaks powered over on, we finally got some details on the next installment of the franchise set to be revealed alongside the PS5 early next month. Though it is worth mentioning to say that these are just rumors, I would be overjoyed to see these be put into action.

The first thing that was quickly made apparent is that its a continuation of the story present in 7, however, the title would not bear the name “Resident Evil 8”. Instead cheekily saying that the game would have a “clever title”.


This means that Ethan Winters would be making a return with his first-person view along for the ride. That isn’t to say that this would be a rehash, as several things were changed to fit the modern tastes people have. Despite Resident Evil 7 reviewing very well, it’s clear that it didn’t live up to Capcoms wishes.

One of the major changes to be seen will be the environment, which will start in a village and lead all the way into a castle. Hopefully meaning that we’ll be seeing more diverse environments, while the Baker mansion had a very realistic feel as it moaned and croaked with each step, it was also a very small space that limited Resident Evils “Metroidvania” style of exploration.

The “Molded” enemies will also be dropped for classic zombies, something that can be hit or miss, as one of the main criticisms levied at Resident Evil 7 was its lack of enemy variety. Meaning that hopefully, we can see a return of the classic “Chainsaw Guy With Bag On Head” in this next installment.


There’s also news of a stalker character. A mysterious female shadow that will chase you down but can be made to disappear with good old fashioned gunfire. She’s accompanied by a wolf-like enemy type to rush you down and some new snowy environments.

And for those who are into the Resident Evil lore, Chris Redfield is set to make a return but in what capacity the leaker left a mystery.

This is supposedly set to be unveiled at an unannounced PlayStation Reveal event so we won’t have to wait long for confirmation, with fingers crossed, we might even receive another gameplay demo in the same form of “Beginning Hour”.

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