Pokemon has already had a big year in many ways in 2020, as a special Nintendo Direct revealed that Pokemon Sword and Shield would be getting the Expansion Pass treatment and getting two major DLCs in The Isle Of Armor and the Crown Tundra. Both coming later this year. Plus, the games would be getting an influx of about 200 extra Pokemon. But for those who still want to catch them all in their own right, Pokemon Home is nearly here.

For those who don’t recall, Pokemon Home is going to be an online service where trainers can store and trade their Pokemon from basically all Pokemon games, including getting versions of Pokemon from past titles. There are going to be two options for users of the app/service. The free service will let you store up to 30 Pokemon, while the Premium paid service (which costs you $16 a year) will allow you to hold up to 6000 Pokemon.

For those dedicated to catching them all and making sure you have them all, Pokemon Home will have a National Dex you can use to make sure you’re filling it all up. You’ll also have multiple trading options including having access to the Global Trade Service and Wonder Trade. In these services, you can request a specific Pokemon trade, or, be in a room with 20 different people and trade randomly to see what Pokemon you can get. Mystery Gift will also be available for those who want to use that.


“But what if I have all my past Pokemon on Pokemon Bank?” If you still have access to your Bank, you can transfer ALL the Pokemon you have in them to Home with no issues. And breeders will be able to even check the IV’s of the Pokemon they have or get via trades to see how they match up.

An exact release date for Pokemon Home has not been announced just yet.

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