Nintendo Switch Black Friday 2019

Nintendo President Promises More Nintendo Switch Games In Development

The Nintendo Switch had its best-ever year in 2019, with numerous hit games, and console sales now above 52 million according to the latest quarterly reports. But, with 2020, things are a bit more…clouded. Mainly in that we don’t know many 1st or 3rd party exclusives that are coming to the system. We know of Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition, Bravely Default II and the upcoming Animal Crossing New Horizons.

And with smaller Nintendo Direct coming in the forms of the Pokemon Expansion Pass DLC and the reveal of Byleth for Super Smash Bros, it’s made fans very nervous as to what Nintendo has planned for this year outside of the already announced games. Well, while discussing the recent success of the Nintendo Switch, President Shuntaro Furukawa revealed this:

“A variety of software has been released for Nintendo Switch, including titles highly anticipated by consumers, completely new titles, and unique titles achievable only through the integrated development of hardware and software. Nintendo Switch has become the platform that brings together the numerous franchises that have supported our previous home console and handheld systems. There are over 48 million Nintendo Switch consoles in the market at the present time, so we will be able to continue to focus on software development for Nintendo Switch going forward. We are developing many new titles for Nintendo Switch in addition to the ones that have been announced. New titles will be released continuously going forward, and not just Nintendo titles, but also titles in a variety of genres including indie titles from other software publishers.”

While this doesn’t answer when we’ll hear about these games, it does give hope for the future of 2020. For our thoughts on everything that was revealed in the lastest Nintendo quarterly reports, as well as our expectations of 2020, be sure to listen to the latest episode of the Nintendo Entertainment Podcast!