With the end of 2019 came the end of another quarter for Nintendo, and all eyes were on the quarterly report to see how things were going to go in terms of sales for their games, and of course, for the Nintendo Switch as a whole. Well, as the quarter financial breakdown revealed, the Switch is now over 52 million units sold worldwide.

Specifically, it’s at 52.48 million units sold. Over 47 million of which is from the original Switch, and over 5 million is from the Nintendo Switch Lite. All in all, it’s an astounding number that proves how much staying power the Switch has, as well as the incredible lineup that came out over the year that was 2019.

Speaking of which, in terms of 1st party game sales, here are a few highlights.

  • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe still reigns supreme with nearly 23 million units sold
  • Super Smash Bros Ultimate is now at No.2 overall with 17.68 million units sold
  • Pokemon Sword and Shield’s combined sales are at 16.06 million
  • Luigi’s Mansion 3 has sold 5.37 million units
  • Ring Fit Adventure has sold 2.17 million

That’s only scratching the surface of the full report, but it all says the same thing, the Switch had a BIG 2019, and many gamers are hoping that 2020 will be the same thing.

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Todd Black

A self-proclaimed Nintendo fanboy, born, bred, and Mushroom fed! He’s owned every Nintendo handheld and every console since the SNES. He loved games so much he went and got a video game degree and dreams of writing video game stories