KEY and Jun Maeda’s visual novel Little Busters! is coming to Nintendo Switch! The game is set to be released on the console on April 23! The Switch version of the game will come with both Japanese and English text options that were first used back in 2017 when the game was released for PC via Steam.

The Switch version will include all gameplay improvements that were released with the PSP version, the Vita version, as well as all of the cutscenes added in the Complete Edition for Steam. A Busterpedia was also added to the English version in order to help players understand some of the Japanese cultural references a bit better.

The Switch version will come with two different play modes: TV and Handheld. TV mode requires the right JoyCon controller while the handheld mode uses the touchscreen capabilities of the Switch with no controller required to play.


Japan will receive a special pre-order bonus for the Little Busters! CONVERTED EDITION in the form of the My Morning drama CD. As of now, it was not stated if the game will release worldwide but with an English option, the ability to import it an understand the game is there for those who wish to spend the extra money.


Source: Crunchyroll


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