Update: Following the previous outage from earlier this morning, Steam is now back up and working normally. All services are back and logins are now once again live.

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If you’ve recently tried to launch a game on Valve’s Steam or tried to access the storefront, you may have noticed that nothing is working. Rest assured it’s not you, Steam is having a meltdown of sorts.


This started about 10-15 minutes ago when I noticed my Steam friend list keep disconnecting. Shortly after that, I noticed that every section in the Steam application would show nothing but blackness. That definitely wasn’t a good sign. That said, I loaded up Steamstat.us to see if it was just me, and thankfully (well not really) it wasn’t. In fact, there are errors all over the place.

Update: Now the Steampowered.com website doesn’t even load. Steam is completely down at the moment. All services, including the ability to log in are down.

Steam is down Jan 30 2020

This also being shown over at Downdetector.com.


Steam is down Jan 30 2020 - downdetector

What you can expect ranges from Steam not logging you in, to games not loading or even crashing mid-game. Several of the games I’ve tried to play have crashed, including the recent Torchlight III alpha that I just got access to today. Needless to say, that trying to game while Steam is having these issues isn’t the best of ideas currently.

As for when Steam will be back in working order, is anyone’s guess. I haven’t seen any official updates from Valve on the matter and we likely won’t since Steam is completely down.

Until then, you’ll have to wait it out or use another gaming launcher on your PC. Well, the naysayers about going completely digital are going to have a field day with this recent turn of events. As for me, I can’t play anything on my lunch break, so I’m not too thrilled.

Steam is completely down Jan 30 2020

Steam is completely down Jan 30 2020

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