Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo Intro and Gameplay Footage Leaked Online

Final Fantasy VII Remake is easily one of our anticipated games of 2020. A remake of a beloved classic Square Enix game and one that has the internet on fire as of late. Mostly due to the leaks from the impending demo that we reported on previously.

First, there was the entire demo intro video, which surprisingly is still available to see. Thanks to this leak, we can see that the intro is faithful to the original game and we can also see the transition from the cinematic to gameplay is pretty slick.


Following that and most recently is the footage from the leaked Final Fantasy VII Remake demo. Spanning two videos, likely due to the account that uploaded the footage not being verified and subjected to YouTube’s 15-minute limit. In these videos, we can a portion of the demo in action, which starts at first arrival in the Midgard bombing mission and ending following the escape.

Interesting enough, the footage is labeled part 1 and 3, with part 2 missing.  You can check out both of these videos below but do so fast as Square Enix will likely have these removed.


Speaking of Square Enix, so far the company hasn’t made any announcement of the demo and hasn’t even since the demo was seen on the PlayStation Network. As for this leaked footage, so far there isn’t the slightest idea as to how these were leaked. I’d imagine we’ll hear something official regarding the demo soon. Especially with CES 2020, an event that is typically reserved for showing off new technology. With Sony hosting a press conference during  CES 2020 at 5 PM PT / 8 PM ET on January 6, 2020., we may just find out more about this demo.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is slated to be released onto the PlayStation 4 on March 3, 2020. It will only feature the Midgard section of the game and will be released in an episodic format.

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