Final Fantasy 7 Remake Gets New Trailer

The upcoming Final Fantasy 7 Remake received a new trailer earlier today. It kicks of with Cloud and Tifa as kids, talking about the future , SOLDIER, and Sephiroth. The trailer also shows off bits of gameplay inside the Shina building, the cross dressing sequence where Cloud infiltrates Don Corneo’s mansion, summons, and combat with other characters-notably Aerith. There’s also a new theme song, which sounds like it’s inspired by the sound track of the prequel game, Crisis Core.

Fans of the original should be very pleased, as it looks like nothing has been cut or dramatically altered. The JRPG classic that popularized the genre worldwide is already available on every modern platform and this remake looks set to be a beautiful and faithful modern rendition.

The remake has sadly been delayed to April 10th in order to release a quality product. You can read the official statement here and watch the latest trailer down below.



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