DC Comics is in a very interesting place in 2020. They’ve just come off of a good year with films via Shazam! (which is getting a sequel in 2022 and a Black Adam spinoff next year) and Joker (which made a billion dollars and earned a Golden Globe for star Joaquin Phoenix). So now, they need to double down and make sure they keep the momentum up. Wonder Woman 1984 will no doubt be a hit because of the love for the first film. The big question mark though is Birds of Prey…but…given the trailer that just came out today…? We think they’ll be fine.

The new Birds of Prey trailer dives much deeper into the world of Harley Quinn post-Joker break-up (which apparently included the destruction of Ace Chemicals, the place where Joker was “born”). And in the wake of him being “out of the picture”, Black Mask and others want her dead. Which leads her to meeting Cassandra Cain (who stole from Roman Sionis aka Black mask), Black Canary (who betrayed him), Huntress (who killed someone close to him in her mission of revenge) and Renee Montoya (who is the only cop brave enough to make a case against Black Mask). So yeah, they need each other!

You’ll see a lot of action, a lot of hilarity, and a lot of references to the comics, including Black Mask donning a very comic-accurate…black mask! Get it? Enjoy the trailer below, and stay tuned for our review when Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of Harley Quinn) arrives on February 7th!


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