Update: According to ComicBook.com, Shazam 2 was NOT announced at CCXP. There was some confusion via clips that were shown during the presentation.

A great many people felt that the DC Comics movie universe (whatever you want to call it…) has been in trouble ever since the trouble receptions of Man of Steel, Batman V Superman, and the troublesome production of Justice League. And yet, ever since then, DC Comics has had nothing but hits, including the billion-dollar films Aquaman and Joker, and the critically acclaimed (and fan beloved) film, Shazam! Now, via CCXP, we can officially confirm that Shazam 2 is being made.

To be fair, Shazam! was not the major financial film that Aquaman or Joker was, but, it was also a character that isn’t as well known as those two (yes, Aquaman is well-known, you know it to be true), and the budget for that film was much smaller than many other DC Comics films. Yet, that actually worked in its favor (not unlike Joker) and thus it was a financial success in its own right. Shazam 2 was expected to come, but no one really knew WHEN to expect it.


What’s more, a Black Adam solo film starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is coming out in 2021, so many fans were curious how that would play out. Based on what’s being said by the cast and crew, Shazam 2 will be filming sooner than you think, and that may mean we could get it soon before or after Black Adam’s film, setting up the long-desired clash between the two champions in the third/fourth film in the franchise. We’ll just have to wait and see how it plays out.


Also shown off at CCXP was the first trailer for Wonder Woman 1984.

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