Unquestionably, the best DC Comics film of the last ten years or so was Wonder Woman. The film (which many thought originally would bomb) proved just how important Diana of Themyscira is to the world both fictionally and not. And now, the trailer for Wonder Woman 1984 brings her back, by taking another important step to her appearance in Batman V Superman.

While the trailer doesn’t show everything you’d expect, it does get right to the heart of the matter. Diana is still in the world of man, and much more world-wise (which you can tell by how she talks in the trailer), but she still mourns the loss of Steve Trevor. So imagine her reaction when he comes back!

We also get hints of Pedro Pascal’s Maxwell Lord, and Kristin Wiig’s Barbara Minerva (who will be Cheetah more than likely) and how they play into film as well.


The action is also top notch, with big set pieces and battles being teased, as well as the return of the Amazons and the first showing of Diana’s Golden Eagle armor from the legendary Kingdom Come arc. All in all, it looks like this is going to be a hit in every way that counts.

The trailer can be viewed below, and you can watch Wonder Woman 1984 when it arrives on June 5th, 2020.

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