We’re still a year away from the new console generation coming in holiday 2020, but it seems some PS5 development kits are already out in the wild.

We’ve seen a few patent illustrations of the PlayStation 5 but never a full on picture of the prototype system, until now. Twitter user @Alcoholikaust recently posted a close up photo of the PS5 development kits that have been rumored to exist since August. The prototype is reminiscent of early patent images that were circulating around news outlets showing a similar PlayStation design. At the time these patents were rumored to be the next prototype design for the system in general, not just a development kit.


It seems the strange V-shape design was very real, and apparently serves a utilitarian purpose as well. According to The Verge senior editor Tom Warren, the bulky and unorthodox shape of the system is to “make them more easily stackable for [developers] who are running multiple stress tests,” and that the massive middle and side vents are designed to maximize cooling through the center and edges of the system. Obviously this is not a finalized product by any means, but it’ll be interesting to see how any of this may factor into the final design language of the PS5.

Along with the original leak of the patents was a patent for the new PlayStation controller as well. The design itself doesn’t really change anything drastic, it’s very similar to the Dualshock 4 with a few quality of life improvements. The grips are slightly wider, new haptic triggers (similar to the Xbox One controller) are coming, the light bar appears to be removed, and the controller power supply is making the switch to USB-C. Other than that, things like the speaker and the touchpad from the Dualshock 4 will be returning, along with the iconic original buttons and stick layout.


For those who may not be impressed by the PS5’s development kit, I wouldn’t worry too much. Sony has proven time and time again that final designs differ wildly from initial concepts of their consoles. (Left = PS4 dev kit, Right = PS3 dev kit)

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