Well it’s late October, and usually at this time we would have the latest iteration of the WWE 2K franchise ready for you to read in review form… Except you’re reading this instead. So what happened to our review of WWE 2K20?

As you might have noticed from all the outcry on Twitter and the trending #FixWWE2K20 hashtag on the social media platform, the game isn’t even really in a playable state. So while we do have a nice big group of wrestling fans on staff here at The Outerhaven (You should be listening to ‘The 450 Wrestling Podcast‘ right here on the site) who would be more than happy to review the game for all of you, we think it might be best to leave the game on the shelf for the moment and not review the game in it’s current broken form.

From what you can see in the video below from the nL gaming guys, there are a huge range of glitches, broken physics, clipping issues and other things going wrong that would instantly make WWE 2K20 nothing more than a 1 star game, which is unfair to all the people at 2K Games who had to rebuild the WWE 2K20 game from scratch after developer Yukes walked away from 2K Games and the WWE contract that they have practically been with since before the early 2000s.


While the game isn’t technically unplayable, the conversation on Twitter often brings up things like anything to do with the creation suite crashing the game, broken physics making characters float or zoom around the ring or arena, to other things like characters hair waving and spinning all over the place. Other major issues seem to be everything from character models looking downgraded, custom images (A huge part of the create-a-wrestler feature) aren’t uploading or break when transferring to the consoles, and Universe Mode being completely unplayable.

At some point 2K Games will release a patch or something that will fix all these issues with the game, and at that time we will bring you a review as it’s been a tradition here since I came on board with WWE 2K16… With me “dropping” the series the following year and another writer on the site handling the reviews of the game since then, including WWE 2K19. I did however keep up with the series and enjoy WWE 2K19 at the moment.

WWE 2K20

Yeah… That’s just not right at all


The @WWEGames twitter page and any other 2K Games support pages.This is very unsettling for the fans of the series who have been trying to get some sort of official statement as to why WWE 2K20 shipped in such an incomplete state and also what is going to be done to fix it. Instead of addressing fan concerns, 2K Games has done nothing than promote a Twitch streamer competition on their social media channels.

Luckily for some customers, Sony and Microsoft have been allowing refunds on digital copies of WWE 2K20 for not being released in a playable state. People who have tried returning WWE 2K20 to places like Walmart and Gamestop have not been so lucky, with Walmart refusing to do refunds and Gamestop only allowing trade-in pricing. (EB Games Australia, owned by Gamestop International, allow customers to return a game within 7 days regardless of condition. Other companies in Australia have classified WWE 2K20 returnable for a full refund under Australian Consumer Law as WWE 2K20 does not function as advertised.)

On another personal note, I have reached out to 2K Games Australia, who have happily provided us with review copies in the past, but they have gone radio silent. I cancelled my pre-order of the game this afternoon and do not plan on getting the game till sometime closer to Christmas, unless 2K Games Australia is willing to send out a review copy of the game for review purposes in the mean time. At which point the game will be reviewed once the appropriate fix content has been released.

Once WWE 2K20 has received the patch it needs, the we shall review it. Till then, you can entertain yourselves with the hilarity that is the #FixWWE2K20 hashtag on Twitter where people have been posting images and videos of everything that has gone wrong so far. The comment of the thread (Found in the ‘Top’ section of the hashtag page) is from a user who shows a character spinning around the ring using the bottom rope with the comment “IGN should give this game a 5 star review”… For the record, IGN gave WWE 2K20 a 2 stars out of 5.


While The Outerhaven tries it’s best to bring you review content in it’s release form, sometimes there are points where a delay in reviews are going to happen to make sure that the game in question receives a fair and unbiased review. Final Fantasy XV was the last time a review was delayed because of a huge content/fix patch being released after the game had hit store shelves. However this does not change the fair and unbiased reviewing that The Outerhaven offers.

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