Two years ago, I had the pleasure of reviewing a brand new 2D brawler title called Fight’N Rage. Completely developed by one person, it was an interesting title, but one that captured the essence of brawlers from the past. We’re talking Fight Fight, Streets of Rage, and a handful of others.  After all these years, the game has made the jump to the Nintendo Switch, and it’s just as good now as it was then.

Game Name: Fight’N Rage
Platform(s): Nintendo Switch, also on PS4, Xbox One and PC (Steam)
Publisher(s): BlitWorks
Developer(s): SebaGames Dev
Release Date: September 26th, 2019
Price: $19.99

Since we’ve already reviewed this game two years ago, you can check out that review here. Everything that was said then still holds true today. I know that’s likely not what you expected but it didn’t make much sense to copypasta all that again. Instead, we’ll be looking at the port and it plays on the Nintendo Switch. I’m also happy to see that Fight’N Rage finally made its way to the consoles. As it was always the dream of the developer, Sebastián García, to see the game make it to other platforms. A dream that was made possible, thanks to indie publisher BlitWorks.


FightN Rage Switch Screenshots-02

So how is the Switch port?

While it’s not unexpected, playing Fight’N Rage on a docked Switch is similar to what I played on the PC. The game moves at a brisk rate, the resolution is respectable and there’s barely any slowdown when there’s a large number of baddies on the screen. I saw a hint of slowdown when the screen was littered with enemies, or when smashing those enemies with my special movie. Even then, the slowdown wasn’t bad enough to stop playing the game. As for the handheld Switch users, it’s a home run here as well. Playing the game in the handheld version mirrors the docked version, with the exception that you can also play it on the go. So in a word, it’s great. Punching people in the face, on the go and not getting arrested never felt better

I’ve been playing this in handheld mode for the past few days. Which isn’t a small feat as I rarely play my Switch off of the dock. That said, I’m enjoying, perhaps more than I should.

FightN Rage Switch Screenshots-01


A bonus to the Switch version is that if you ever quit the game or your Switch dies on you, it suspends the game. That way when you start the game again, it will ask if you want to resume the session or start a new one. This is something I wished the PC version had back during 2017.

All of the options available on the PC port made their way over as well. You’re able to alter the appearance of the game by selecting either CRT, scanline or smooth mode. Being a fan of older CRTs, which are a thing of the past, I preferred playing in CRT mode.

I’m also surprised that the game made its way to the Switch, intact. When Fight’N Rage was released on the PC, there was some outrage that the characters are not only chibi-styled characters. But the female characters, especially one of the protagonists, Gal, were top-heavy and a bit too revealing. I keep forgetting we’re talking about a different Nintendo, one that has shown it has shed its kiddy-only image.

The only negative about the switch port is also the same that plagued the PC port. There’s no online play, so you’re confined to local co-op only. Then there’s the issue of play value. While it’s true that the game does feature multiple routes and endings, there isn’t much here that will entice you to pick up the Switch once you’ve beaten it. That is unless you’re a completionist, and if you are then there’s plenty to do after beating the game. From collecting all of the in-game characters and making them playable, grabbing all the costumes or perfecting your face smashing ability in the practice mode.

That said, if you’ve held out for a 2D brawler for the Switch, you can’t go wrong with Fight’N Rage.


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Fight’N Rage has positioned its self as one of the must-own games for the Nintendo Switch. Beating up people never felt so much fun, either alone or by bringing a friend alone for the ride. If you’re a fan of arcade beat em ups, fast and frantic combat, and tight controls, then Fight’N Rage is for you.



  • Tight controls
  • Combat is deep  and enjoyable
  • A homage to beat em ups of the past



  • Replay value is questionable
  • A hint of slowdown here and there
  • 4.5

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