As we start getting into the fall premieres, more and more spooky shows start popping into the roster. Perhaps one of the most surprising is Limetown, a show that adapts the popular fiction podcast of the same name. For a long time, we knew a show was coming but there was little imagery or even casting information to go on. Now we have our first trailer and it definitely has an eerie vibe:

Limetown | Official Trailer

People vanish. The truth doesn’t. Jessica Biel stars in Limetown, a new show based on the #1 podcast. Starting October 16, only on Facebook Watch.

Posted by Limetown on Wednesday, September 4, 2019

For those who haven’t heard the podcast, Limetown follows Lia Haddock, a radio journalist who is on the hunt for what happened to Limetown, an experimental community that suddenly disappears overnight. Lia has a vested interest in understanding what happened as her uncle Emile was at the center of the town. However, as she begins to connect with survivors in hiding, Lia is faced with deadly opposition from an unknown power. What was really going on in Limetown? And why is everyone trying to keep it a secret? And the biggest question of all – can Lia get to the bottom of it before all the survivors meet their mysterious ends as well?


It looks like the first season (if there will be more) covers the initial run of the podcast, with Lia investigating and talking to survivors and getting caught in the snares of the forces that don’t want the truth to get out. However, it also looks like we’ll get some more, like seeing the town itself, and also Lia getting a love interest. Lia is played by Jessica Biel, Emile is played by Stanley Tucci, and the ringleader of Limetown, Dr. Oskar Totem, is played by Alessandro Juliani, from Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

If you are interested in learning more about Limetown, the podcast is free and currently has two seasons, and there’s also a book out that’s a prequel to the story.

Limetown premieres on Facebook Watch on October 16, 2019.

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