The iconic bear and bird will finally join Super Smash Bros. Ultimate later today. The release date was revealed during today’s Nintendo Direct presentation, followed by the announcement of the next DLC fighter, Terry Bogard of Fatal Fury fame, as well as the reveal of additional DLC fighters coming to the game after the current fighter pass wraps up.

Challenger Pack 3, which contains Banjo-Kazooie as a fighter, will also include a brand new stage, Spiral Mountain, as well as ten new music tracks from the Banjo-Kazooie series. The Spiral Mountain stage is unique in the fact that it constantly rotates during the fight, something that no other stage in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate does. For the competitive scene, this doesn’t have many implications, but it’s a fun inclusion for all those casual item matches.


Series creator Masahiro Sakurai took over the stream following the conclusion of the Nintendo Direct presentation to showcase the new fighter’s moveset, similar to what he did prior to the release of Hero. Banjo’s arsenal is pretty varied thanks to help from Kazooie. The duo has a few decent projectile attacks and a bunch of other fun moves inspired by the games. After showcasing the fighter, Sakurai unveiled Home Run Contest, a fan-favorite mode that will be making its return in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate later today alongside Banjo.

After that, Sakurai showed off some brand new Mii Fighter costumes that will be available for purchase. Highlights include Proto Man, Zero, and Team Rocket Grunts, but the really significant addition here is Sans from Undertale. The Sans Mii costume will include a music track, too, and Sakurai said that he and Undertale creator Toby Fox are good friends and have played Super Smash Bros. Ultimate together a few times.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate

If you want Banjo, you’ll have to fork over $5.99, but owners of the fighter pass, which includes previous DLC fighters Joker from Persona 5 and Hero from Dragon Quest, will receive the bear and bird for no additional charge. Mii costumes like Sans will set you back 75 cents. Banjo-Kazooie, the Mii Fighter costumes, Home Run Contest, and everything else in the new update will be available later today.

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