Final Fantasy 7 remake_6202019_screenshots_1

A New Final Fantasy VII Remake Trailer is Here!

It’s been three months since E3 and Square Enix isn’t wasting any time unveiling more from the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake title at this year’s Tokyo Games Show. While we have seen a couple of scenes in the trailer before, we did get some new interesting bits such as the reveal of the Turks (Reno, Rude, Tseng), along with Don Corneo as well as a small glimpse at the second boss fight inside of the Mako Reactor!

Also, it looks as if the squats mini-game is returning along with a pull-up mini-game that showed Tifa participating in. In addition, it appears we have a new character being added to the mix!?

Lots of questions remained unanswered and a few new ones have arisen with this newest trailer! Check it out for yourself below!

Also… that ending scene after the title! One of the most prolific moments in Final Fantasy VII was captured in haunting beauty!