Pokemon Sword and Shield is coming in just a few months, and the Pokemon Company continues to trickle out more and more details via new trailers for the game. The next one has just released, and it focuses on new moves and abilities that you can expect in battles.

For example, the recently revealed Galaraian Weezing has an ability that neutralizes all the other abilities on the battlefield. Creating some unique situations, especially in tag battles. There are also ones that reflect the status lowering effects of certain moves!

There are even new items in the game, including one that’ll allow you to have your Pokemon naturally switch out when they get with a stat decline.


Finally, Dynamax will allow Pokemon to not be affected by flinching, and their Max Moves will have special bonus effects when they’re unleashed.

Watch the full trailer below, and be sure to get Pokemon Sword and Shield when it releases on November 15th on Nintendo Switch!

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