Elgato Gaming unveils its 4K60 Pro MK.2 4K capture card

Just a few days ago, Elgato Gaming had teased a new capture card. Today, they unveiled this new card, which as I speculated would be the replacement for their 4K60 Pro 4K capture card. This new card, the 4K 60 Pro MK.2 does everything the previous card did and more.

It supports 4K/HDR passthrough, records at 4K60fps /1440p @ 144fps/1080p @ 240fps and the ability to utilize more than one of these cards per machine and a smaller footprint. Elgato states that his new card will fit inside of an SFF case, which is fantastic news. It also costs less, coming in at the$250 price point and. The original card launched and can still be found at $400.


4k60 pro mark 2 side shot

This new card also supports HEVC/H.265 encoding, which has become the new standard for encoding. Specifically, as it improves on the H.264 codec, offers better compression and looks even better. I also noticed that the packaging is going to be the same as the original 4K6o Pro card and that Elgato has already updated its website to reflect this. I checked the Wayback Machine to compare the differences.

While this is great for Elgato Gaming, as this is the card that should have been launched several years ago. And while this would normally excite me, AVerMedia beat them to the punch with their Live Gamer 4K. A card that I ultimately picked up after selling off my 4K60 Pro.  So while the 4K60 Pro MK.2 matches up with AVerMedia’s 4K offering exactly, the only difference here is the difference of 50 dollars.

It will be interesting to see if and how AVerMedia responses to this. Last time I checked, they also had announced a new capture device. We just haven’t heard anything about it since we reported on it.


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