But we don’t know anything about it

Less than an hour ago, the Elgato Gaming twitter account mentioned that if the likes and retweets of a certain post would stay equal. Then they would drop a new capture card.

Of course, since this announcement, people have been fighting to keep them on the same count. I’ve watched as the numbers constantly changed, only to have them equal out shortly after. So it’s a safe bet that we’ll see a new capture device being shown off. Likely during Gamescom 2019, which happens to start this August 20th and runs through August 24th, 2019.


As for this new capture card, whatever could it be? Well, the same money would likely be either a PCIe 4K capture device. Especially since the AVerMedia 4K capture card has been the favorite of those looking capture 1440p and 4K footage for some time. Something to which I doubt Elgato Gaming isn’t too thrilled about. Elgato’s 4K 60 Pro isn’t a bad card, but as of now, it’s just outclassed. A newer card that uses the H.265 codec, would be great. Even better would be a card that does that and comes in at a cheaper price

Or we could be seeing the eventual replacement or refresh for the HD 60 S. released during April 2016, this has been the goto for those looking to capture footage from gaming consoles and PCs. However, it’s about three years old now and while Elgato’s competition has released several revisions of their USB capture devices. We haven’t heard of Elgato’s replacement for the HD 60 S. Releasing a new capture device to replace the reigning king wouldn’t be too far fetched.

However, what’s important here is to observe the actual wording. It was stated that a new capture card, not a capture device would be dropped. Meaning this will be if I’m right, a PCIe card.


Interesting enough, I haven’t seen or heard anything about a new device via the normal channels. I’d figured that if they were planning on releasing a new card, we’d see a press release or something already. Either way, I’m excited to see what Elgato Gaming is going to announce. If we find out more about whatever this announcement is before it’s revealed, we’ll be sure to update this article.

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