Yep, The Epic Games Store Finally Supports Cloud Saves

The cloud saves are coming

When the Epic Games Store was debuted, one of the many missing features included Cloud Saves. Which is easily one of the most important features that any gaming online service should include. As you’d imagine, lacking this caused many people (myself included) to complain and ask when it would be added. Well, now we can stop asking as the Epic Games Store finally supports them.

However, there’s a catch. While the cloud saves weren’t officially announced as of yet. CEO Epic Games, Tim Sweeny, replied to a tweet regarding a specific game, Moonlighter, having an option to toggle cloud saves.


As for when we can expect to see more games having access to cloud saves is still up in the air. According to Tim, this is a manual process and the team over at Epic Games has to go through each game and add this function.

While the game devs don’t have to go through and update their game, it does mean that this process is very time consuming. I can’t speak to how Valve gets this handled, but being a completely manual process is mind-blowing. I hope they can eventually get this down as an automated process.

Regardless of what you think and feel about the Epic Games Store, it’s good to see that cloud saves are finally coming to the platform. What do you think? Is it about time the cloud saves were added or is it still too little?


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