Earlier this year, Nintendo and Marvelous released a short but sweet demo of their upcoming mecha title, Daemon X Machina. While I thought the demo was fairly impressive, there were a number of improvements I felt could be made to the game. As did others who also played the beta. In fact, in my write up here, I talked about my experience with the game.

Thankfully, the whole idea was to collect info so that Marvelous could make changes and make the game even better. Following the demo, a survey was released to those who checked it out and we were encouraged to be completely honest about the gameplay.

Since then, Marvelous has been busy updating and tweaking the title. During E3 2019 a new build of the game was shown during the Nintendo Treehouse, however, the improvements to the game weren’t announced. Since then, fans of the title have been wondering as to what exactly changed. Thankfully they won’t have to wonder anymore, as a new but short video of Daemon X Machina has been released. In which all the updates to the game have been outlined, and there’s a fair amount of changes.


Check out the updates below.

  • Enemy lock-on added
  • Health bars added to boss and arsenal battles
  • Now able to collect scavenge from downed enemies from a distance, as well as when hovering
  • Indicators that show where enemy fire is coming from
  • Gyro aiming assist
  • Motion controls that can be tweaked or disabled completely
  • Redesigned reload system that will let you fire upon reloading competition
  • Revamp controls and button re-binding
  • Ariel speed has been increased
  • Melee attack cooldown  window has been decreased
  • Attacks are meatier thanks to better sound effects
  • Mission area boundaries will no longer force you back in. Instead, staying out of boundary for too long will fail the mission
  • Better radar visibility
  • Small enemies are easier to spot during combat
  • Clearer distinction between the enemies and allies
  • Font size has been increased
  • Ammo drops from enemies increased

Pretty much every issue I had with the demo has been handled, with the exception of the constant frame rate drops.

Still, I’m happy to see that Marvelous really took the feedback seriously. Just looking at the sheer amount of changes go to show how much they want this game to succeed. I was already looking forward to the game, but seeing all of this just solidified my purchase.

Daemon X Machina releases on September 13, 2019, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.


daemon x machina release date image


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