The Nintendo Switch has a plethora of interesting titles coming out this year, and one of the most unique by far is that of Daemon X Machina by MARVELOUS!. The game is a fast-paced Mech title featuring many Armored Core veterans among other major game developers. And the team released a demo for the title called the “Prototype Missions” to give you a glimpse into what the game would be like.

However, the demo itself is now on a countdown clock, as the Japanese Twitter handle for the game has revealed that on March 11th, one week from now, the demo will be taken down.

So, if you want to play it, you better download it quickly. And remember, if you do play it, you’ll be put into the running to do a survey on the game and help the Daemon X Machina team make the game even better. Even if you don’t play it, the team asks you to go to Twitter and use #DaemonXMachina to spell out your thoughts and concerns on the title so that they know what to look for in terms of fixes and updates.


If you want our thoughts on the game so far, check out our breakdown of the demo. No release date for the game has been given as of yet.

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