The Walking Dead started out as a phenomenon where everyone was glued to the screen to see who would survive. Its fame has dimmed substantially, but that doesn’t mean that AMC is giving up on expanding the universe. First came Fear the Walking Dead about the early days of the zombie outbreak, but now we’ve got a follow-up project on the way.

There’s not much in the trailer itself. The young leads, Nicolas Cantu, Aliyah Royale, Hal Cumpston, Annet Mahendru, and Alexa Mansour, talk about the plot in the vaguest of terms. From what we can tell, it sounds like a group of teens are going to leave a community and venture out into the world of The Walking Dead to see the world for themselves. There are also flashes of concept art that make me think that either the series is going to take place long after the original, or will take place in two different timelines, with one more concurrent with The Walking Dead. Could the teen stars point to a show that is aimed at a slightly younger audience? Or is it going for those The Last of Us vibes?


The biggest question is if this series is advanced enough to get a teaser, then why does it not have a name? Perhaps there was a dispute concerning copyright or a last-minute call to change it? My cynical marketing brain tells me that it’s a bid to get people talking about it and speculating. And given that here I am writing about it…well played, AMC, well played.

Don’t think that this means The Walking Dead is winding down. There is a new season coming, even though Michonne will be leaving, along with Fear the Walking Dead getting a sixth season in 2020.

This currently untitled series is set to premiere on AMC sometime in Spring 2020.

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