The 450 Wrestling Podcast – Episode 2 – They Killed Kyle!

In the second episode of The 450 Wrestling Podcast, the guys are diving deep into the historic NXT TakeOver 25!

What did they think of Matt Riddle versus Roderick Strong? What about the Fatal 4-Way Tag Team Title Ladder match? Or Velveteen Dream versus Tyler Breeze? Or Shayna Bazzler versus Io Shirai? And did they love the main event between Johnny Gargano and Adam Cole? We break down every single match, grade them, and then talk about how this Takeover compares to previous ones!

Then, we talk about WWE’s “reaction” Double or Nothing via their Raw and Smackdown showings. Their continued “booking” of Super Showdown, putting NXT UK’s next TakeOver on the same day of ALL OUT, and more!


Not mention, Jon Moxley has made his voice heard by going and talking about what made him leave WWE! What did the guys think about all of this? Was what Moxley said truthful? What does this mean for all the WWE superstars who are uneasy with their position in the company? Could AEW be their destination? The guys break it all down!

So give The 450 a listen, and let us know what YOU thought about ALL of the news and events in the past week of wrestling!

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