After a short break, The 450 Wrestling Podcast is here to break down everything that is going down in the wrestling world!

First up, the guys play catchup and give their thoughts and feelings on Super Showdown, as well as a string of fan incident involving fans. What exactly is going on here?

Then, the biggest pieces of news in the week involve AEW! Their next major event ALL OUT sold out in 15 minutes! Not to mention the BIG rumors that many WWE/NXT are so over what WWE is doing to them, that they’re actually reaching out and seeing if AEW will give them a chance! Who do the guys hope are part of these talks? You might be surprised at some of their picks.


Not to mention, Fyter Fest has gotten more matches AND will be free, ALL OUT has gotten a blockbuster pair-up for a match, and so much more!

There’s clearly a LOT of wrestling news to talk about, and the guys are more than happy to talk about it all! So be sure to let us know what you think about the big wrestling topics of the week in the comments below! And if you make a truly great comment, we’ll name drop you on the next show!

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