AEW’s ALL OUT Event Sold Out In 15 Minutes

You know..I’m starting to see a trend here… Because when All Elite Wrestling was born, many people wondered just how successful the company would be. And then, when tickets for it’s first official event Double or Nothing went live, it sold out in 4 minutes (thanks to pre-show sales). And its other events, Fyter Fest and Fight For The Fallen have had really good sales numbers too in terms of tickets. And now, the third major event (Fyter Fest is a collaboration event with the CEO gaming circuit) for AEW, ALL OUT, has entered the “Sold Out” category as well.

Fans from all over poured onto the website for the Sears Center, and in the course of about 15 minutes, the show was completely sold out.

For some clarity, the Sears Center holds about 11,000 people. But as proven by people online via Twitter, the “line” to get tickets was many times that. In fact, one person showed that they were #57000 in line. That’s a lot of people wanting tickets to this event.

Now, if you look hard enough via Stub Hub or other ticket holders, you’ll likely find tickets to the event that you can still buy. And like last year at ALL IN or Double Or Nothing, they could still open up “production seats” for you to get. So all is not lost if you didn’t get a ticket.

But no matter what, this is another feather in the cap of the up-and-coming company that is trying to change the wrestling world one event at a time. Especially since they’re going to have a show on TNT coming this fall.

You’ll get to hear our reactions and thoughts about the selling out of ALL OUT on the next episode of The 450 Podcast!