In this era where just about everything can be emulated on modern PC’s, sometimes it’s nice to break out the old consoles (not the mini remakes like the NES, SNES or Playstation) and get some old school gaming on. While there has been a lot of talk recently about devices that allow less lag for consoles not designed for HDTV’s, or hardware modifications that allow consoles to be output via HDMI cables through complex soldering and remoulding of the console itself. This would be a bit too complex for many normal gamers to do without an engineering degree, so EON has brought out their own solution: The Super 64 addon.

The Super 64 is a small device that plugs nice and neatly into your current Nintendo 64 console and enables not only HDMI output, but also doubles the output of the 480p video signal allowing for a more smooth looking experience on our modern large TVs; all without putting extra strain on the console or the power supply.


EON Super 64

“Slick Mode” as EON calls it, enables retro fans to relive the triumphs of yesteryear with even smoother visuals, rounding out jagged edges for a sharper image that makes classics look better than ever. Through EON’s careful attention to detail, the Super 64 boasts the truest representation of color to create the most faithful N64 experience supplanting efforts of typical cable upgrades.

EON Super 64

In a press release sent out today: “The Super 64 was designed to celebrate the console that pioneered 3D gaming. We set out to create something that respects the original hardware while delivering the original look and feel,” said Justin Chou, Justin Scerbo, and Allan Chou, founders of EON. “The Super 64 is for everyone seeking to relive those classic experiences, and for a new generation for whom so many memories have yet to be made.”EON Super 64

The EON Super 64 will launch in North America on July 22nd, 2019 for $149.99 USD on Amazon as well as other EON retail partners. Pre-orders open today on CastleMania Games.

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