There was a time when Fire Emblem was a very niche franchise, and was at risk of getting canceled forever by Nintendo. Then, between Fire Emblem Awakening, Fates, Shadows of Valentia, and the massively popular Fire Emblem Heroes, the franchise truly became one of the stalwarts of the Nintendo library of titles. Even getting multiple characters from the franchise put into Super Smash Bros over the years. And now, all eyes are on the next main entry for the series, Fire Emblem Three Houses.

E3 2019 has been great in terms of information about what to expect from the game. The new trailer teased the very dark future that the game will have you play through, and a recent Nintendo Treehouse segment showed off the “school” section that you’ll also participate in.

The nearly 30-minute gameplay session shows just how deep the gameplay for Fire Emblem Three Houses is. The game has you taking part in many aspects of your students lives as you choose one house and try to help the students and their leader grow, mature, and learn new skills. Skills that will be necessary in the wars to come.


The level of detail of the game is staggering. It’s truly taking the “build your army” feature that was prevalent in more recent Fire Emblem games (especially Shadows of Valentia) to the next level. And how you teach them and help them grow is up to you.

But of course, there are also plenty of sidequests to partake in, main story battles and paralogue battels to do. For the first time you can truly wander around the game world (via the academy) at your leisure, or you can skip it all to get to the action sequences. It’s truly your choice.

We hear at the Outerhaven, and especially the Nintendo Entertainment Podcast, can’t wait for Three Houses to release on July 26th.


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