Blizzard Shifting Focus on Diablo 4 and Overwatch

Earlier, it was reported that Blizzard canceled a game that had been in development for nearly two years. Thanks to an article on Kotaku, the game that was canceled was allegedly a spinoff of StarCraft running on the Overwatch engine. Some of the sources that were working on the project were shocked by its sudden cancelation and some even stated that the game was looking really good. A first-person shooter in the StarCraft universe would have certainly been interesting, though.

Reports are now coming in that they canceled the came in order to bolster efforts on Diablo 4 and either an Overwatch 2 or an Overwatch expansion pack. Given the fact that Overwatch is only three years old, the latter seems more plausible than a sequel at this point. Fans have been asking for either a Diablo III expansion or a Diablo 4 for a while now. It is no secret that Blizzard has been spinning their wheels on the franchise by simply remixing the Seasons every couple of months. No new content, aside from the paid DLC Necromancer class, has been added to the game in years.

Hope came at last year’s BlizzCON when they announced that Diablo would play a big role; however, much to everyone’s chagrin and dismay, that only turned out to be the Netease-developed Diablo Immortal for mobile. Nothing about a PC Diablo was announced which left fans extremely unhappy.

This BlizzCON seems to be a bit more interesting. Blizzard certainly has some making up to do for non-mention of a Diablo 4, the poor performance of World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth, and the cancelation of Heroes of the Storm’s esports aspirations, and the declining numbers in Overwatch. You know, just a couple of small challenges.

Source: Kotaku